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Set of hydro tools 10 tons in a plastic box, 17 items, OHT918M, Ombra

Set of hydro tools 10 tons in a plastic box, 17 items, OHT918M, Ombra
Set of hydro tools 10 tons in a plastic box, 17 items, OHT918M, Ombra
Brand: Ombra
Product Code: OHT918M
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A set of hydro tools 10 tons in a plastic box, 17 items. Features: - compact and easy to use kit consisting of hydraulic pump, cylinders, extension cords and curly bits; - intended for manufacture of works on repair and restoration, in the first place, the power components of car bodies and light trucks, complicated tin work and maintenance of metal structures. Features: - pump drive: hydraulic; pump 2 high speed; - tank capacity: 800ml; - stroke: 130 mm; length min: 322 mm. Equipment (see Fig. 2): 1. Plastic carrying case 2. Extension cable 560 mm 3. Extender 412 mm 4. Extension 310 mm 5. Extension tube 165 mm 6. Corrugated nozzle 7. Spacing wedge 8. Nozzle rubber 9. The base plate of the plunger 10. The expansion nozzle of the plunger 11. The expansion nozzle of the cylinder 12. Wedge-shaped head 13. V-shaped nozzle 14. The connector 15. Pump hydraulic 10 t, 0.5 l 16. Cylinder hydraulic. 10 tons, stroke 150 mm 17. Hose hydraulic high pressure Production operations associated with the use of such devices shall be performed by personnel with appropriate qualifications who are familiar with safety rules, operating conditions and possess the skills necessary to perform such work. HOW to USE the Order of operation: Before starting, make sure the mounting strength of all attachments and the correctness of their position in the working cylinder, as well as the reliability of the hose connections of the hydraulic pump with a cylinder or spacer wedge. - Tightly close the vent valve by turning the head clockwise. - Pumping a pump handle up and down to create pressure in the pump. - To release pressure, open the outlet valve by turning counterclockwise. Safety requirements: - Never exceed the maximum allowable load of the working cylinder. - After disconnect nipple hose fittings and cylinder, always install dust cap to protect the system from contamination. - If possible, avoid diagonal loads on the slave cylinder, but if the load on the piston of the working cylinder is not to its center, and work carefully. If the pressure in the slave cylinder further efforts are required to stop the operation and try to adjust the position of the system so that the load is largely accounted for by the center. This should reduce the required force. - Do not drop heavy objects on hose or allow hose to kink. - To prevent damage to hose and fittings ensure that the hose has always been in a free state and was not pinched. - Protect the equipment from exposure to high temperatures and fire to avoid its damage or reduce its efficiency. In hydraulic systems Ombra as the working fluid used mineral oil for hydraulic GB443-64HJ-10, used in the temperature range -5+45gr.With. For operation in low temperatures -5 -25gr.With the recommended synthetic oils for hydraulic drives GB442-64, otherwise the product will not be able to provide the respective characteristics. Proper device operation is ensured only in the horizontal position of the pump. Work on your side or upside down is not provided. The kit is not intended for use in environments containing aggressive to the materials of the products are the substances (acids, alkalis, solvents, etc.). Avoid possible damage to the surface of the plungers working cylinders.




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