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balancing Machine Alpha, 26', 220V, SBMP-40Ст, civic (Russia)

balancing Machine Alpha, 26', 220V, SBMP-40Ст, civic (Russia)
balancing Machine Alpha, 26', 220V, SBMP-40Ст, civic (Russia)
Brand: Сивик (Россия)
Product Code: СБМП-40Ст
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Balancing machine Alpha, 26', 220V. Specifications: - Max. mass of wheel, kg: 65; - Max. disc diameter: 26'; - Max. width of disk: 15'; - Max. wheel diameter, mm: 800; - the measurement imbalance, sec: 6; - Precision, g: 1; - shaft Diameter, mm: 40; Power supply: 220V 350W; - overall dimensions, mm: 1000 x 840 x 1240. Package includes: - HAWEKA quick release nut; - a set of cones: small, medium, large; - pliers TopTul balancing; - protective cover; - crowns and a pair of compasses. Features: - Machine features modern design and the availability of colored graphic LCD display with a diagonal of 6”, which displays all the information about the job. Each mode has a built-in text prompts. For easy maintenance each machine is supplied with a standard, for calibration of electronic lines. - Balancing any alloy wheels for two cycles due to the technology SmartAlu. Technology SmartALU allows to balance the alloy wheel for two cycles on machines not equipped with a measuring system based on technology Direct3D. After measuring the imbalance, the operator sets only one cargo plane with the spokes and makes a second measurement. In the process of re-measuring machine accurately determines the parameters of the plane, which was installed cargo. Based on these data, accurately calculates the weight of the cargo you need to add a plane behind the spokes. After this measurement, the wizard installs the remaining loads in the usual way. Wheel ambulancewoman. - The use of modern technology S-Drive, allows you to balance the wheels more efficiently (complete rotation of the wheel may be in position 12 hours, and in position 6 h). Microprocessor controlled motor ensures accurate positioning of the wheel for installation of the goods. Technology S-Drive includes: vector control low noise 3-phase motor to rotate at the calculated angular position; calculating a rotation angle of the shaft, given the diameter of the disc, the trajectory of the line and thickness of cargo; consideration of the method of installation of the goods (or hand line) in the calculation of the rotation angle of the shaft; tracking retention in the current position; drag the shaft when installing/removing wheels. - Additional time savings provides the special design of the electronic line and equipment machine Haweka quick release nut. - The machine Alpha can be balanced in almost any wheel: maximum diameter of disc 26”; maximum width drive 15”, maximum wheel weight 65 kg balancing of specific wheels (motorcycle wheels without Central hole); the special program for balancing motorolas (5 special schemes for ALU). - The Split program is designed for installation of cargo behind the spokes of cast wheels, with the aim of preserving their appearance. - Built-in counter balanced wheel allows you to control the volume of work performed. Built-in counter installed cargo allows you to control the volume of used consumables. - The machine is equipped with built-in protection against high voltage mains powered Power Guard, which protects the electronics of the machine from damage. Effective protection is able to cope with short sharp races and a stable high voltage.

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